Material Management Responsible

The position reports directly to Plant Logistics Manager, with responsibility for material scheduling to suppliers according to production requirements and target stock level. He/she will supervise material delivery in order to avoid line shortages and monitor suppliers performances. He/she will also be responsible for material working capital and stock data accuracy, while improving material flow from supplier to production line, in order to minimize logistics cost and guarantee service level target achievements.


Material Management dept is responsible to guarantee a smooth flow of materials from suppliers to production line, minimizing material working capital, keeping production running effectively/efficiently and assuring Plant service level target achievements. 



Main activities


  • To coordinate, support and verify the activities of the team 
  • To guarantee the training of the people about the rules of supplying, stock management, financial logistic and incoming material reception
  • To manage the working relationship with quality, production, finance to solve issues or define new procedures or improvements
  • To cooperate with plant handling, production scheduling and control, pre series logistics, logistic engineering to guarantee the correct flow of materials to have a smooth production flow and to  improve the logistic flows, to guarantee the launches and the product modifications
  • To realize and to guarantee the respect of budgets and forecast about working capital and countings and reconciliations          
  • To guarantee the physical and accounting stock alignment 
  • To guarantee that procedures and authorization flow are well known and respected  
  • To get the target of accounting stock
  • To define recovery planning in case of reduction needed or deviations
  • To define solutions to optimize the WC 
  • To guarantee  the accuracy of deliveries in terms of time and quantity
  • To manage the right relationship with suppliers and  the respect of the supplying rules also by penalization through SQP or return of goods in excess
  • To guarantee production from CLS/CLD and service level 
  • To authorize urgent transport when necessary or to ask authorization when out of his range
  • To guarantee the best service level and to manage the elimination of constraints  in case of production plan modifications
  • To cooperate with SCM and FGP to solve huge critical issues 
  • To escalate to the Plant Logistic Manager critical situation if support is needed 
  • To manage banking when necessary 
  • To guarantee the availability of material to serve After Market and other customers
  • To oversee the situation and to define plans to reduce the economic impact
  • To verify that the management of  MPS is compliant to avoid obsolescence
  • To propose WCM projects and to propose improvement projects about reduction cost, such as working capital  reduction
  • To support and manage the team getting this target




  • Bachelor's degree in Management Engineering or equivalent work experience
  • Ideally 8-10 years of work experience  
  • Years in the position: Minimum 5 years in the role or in other logistics management positions
  • Previous experience in the automotive sector, or within similar type of industries
  • Very good knowledge of English and Italian 
  • Proficiency with MS Office suite and SAP
  • Technical skills: Material supply planning, Inventory control, WCM/Lean production expertise 
  • Soft skills: resilience, decision-making and people management skills
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