Vehicle Concept Team Leader

Main Responsibilities:

  • Responsible of advanced engineering activities for a new vehicle program during the concept phase (pre-step0 to style Freeze/StepC)
  • Planning of Concept and Architecture activities, timing and resources in coordination with Concept PM/Planner
  • Working with VLE and Vehicle Team to set feasible performance targets in accordance with costs
  • Leading Advanced cross functional team through concept selection of main systems and components
  • Leading Style Feasibility process in coordination with Style  
  • Leading the virtual validation coordinating CAE team and S&C/Advanced engineers
  • Leading 3D geometry creation process (CAD release) in coordination with S&C


Main activities:

  • Preliminary VOP setup and feasibility study
  • Pre Concept feasibility studies
  • Requirement Sections setup
  • KBE process 
  •  VOP package
  • Style Hardpoints definition
  • Design Reviews from step0 to stepC/Style freeze to guarantee deliverables of concept phase (CAD data release, virtual validation…)
  • Concept Milestones deliverables assessment
  • Technical description of new vehicle and commonality visual bom generation to support financial evaluation and PC deck preparation
  • Concept selection of components and systems of new vehicle/architecture



  • Mechanical/Electronic Engineering Degree or Equivalent;
  • Proactivity and Independence;
  • Italian/English Communication skills including verbal, written and presentation generation;
  • Ability to work cross-functionally to solve problems and implement product, design, and 
  • Strong analytical and decision making;
  •  At least 5 years of experience in Product Development and Manufacturing in automotive
  • Experience in development of programs during concept phase
  • Experience in interaction with surface designers and interior/exterior theme development
  • Familiar with styling hardpoints/constraints, VOP package, advanced engineering activities  
  • Capability/willingness to travel to support program reviews and issue resolution process


Business units
R&D - Vehicle
Modena - Italia
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