Stage Sound Design Engineer


Sound design for the high performance Battery Electrical Vehicles [BEV] developing a proper methodology with special focus on the following topics:

  • Vehicle benchmarking, patents search, H2020 Regulations

  • Sound target setting based on psychoacoustical approach: human sound perception-based methodology & laboratory equipment set-up

  • HW & SW tool development for “Parameters sound set-up” applied on main electrical powertrain components: motors, inverter, transmission

  • NVH study with focus on acoustic applied on simulator environment

Key responsibility

  • Suppliers and competitors scouting and roadmap definition for innovative systems and components

  • Technology scouting with cross fertilization (Aerospace, Military, Consumer, etc.) for new Vehicle Sound solutions

  • Research institutes and universities monitoring through publications and papers analysis, as well as symposia and international roundtables attendance for sound design for next generation of vehicles .

Key activity

  • R&D, Technology scouting, Innovation, E/E Sound Dep., NVH dep, Powertrain Department

  • Tool development, NVH Simulator and design methodology standardization



  • Master Degree in Mechatronic Engineering

  • English Fluent


Business units
R&D - Vehicle
Modena - Italia
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