Design Integrity Responsible (DIR)


To own the Integrity of Data, to manage the Integrity of Design and to lead continuous improvement of these items eliminating design changes after TKO (tool kick off) through the use of in depth data reviews and issue management and ensuring our Virtual models meet Vehicle/System/Component requirements prior to TKO.




  • To assess hand off from Advanced Engineering to initiate each new program with a “clean” production tree.
  • To partner with PR to manage Step Milestone deliverables including Design Review report out.
  • To manage real time issue identification of geometry / packaging requirements.
  • To manage Design For Six Sigma (DFSS) tools & deployment (NAFTA only)
  • To create and develop program specific Design Acceptance Checklist (DAC) requirements.
  • To identify, assigns and follow Design Integrity issues prior to Step release.
  • To lead Design Integrity Checks including, but not limited to, data sweeps, clearance checks, release status, etc.. and validate package providing concurrence to kickoff tools.
  • To review and validate all CN/OdM changes to geometry prior to TKO.
  • To contribute in communication and institutionalization of Lessons Learned through Engineering documentation environment.
  • Within his responsibilities, DIR has to guarantee the conformity to Internal Control System rules.

  • Electrical/Electronics/Mechanical Engineering degree or equivalent
  • Relevant work experience in the automotive industry
  • 4-5 years of experience in Electrical/Electronics, Chassis or Interior depts
  • Proficiency in English
  • Literacy with MS Office and/or Google G-Suite
  • Proven project management, communication and problem-solving skills

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R&D - Vehicle
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