Automotive Audio Systems Specialist

Job description

As a Specialist in Automotive Audio systems within the Electric & Electronics Area, he/she will guarantee the development of the projects / processes and team for relevant Audio Systems and subcomponents, consistently with the quality, performance, timing and cost targets assigned. The resource will also contribute to the deployment of the innovation plan to secure next generation of products. 


Main activities

  • Able to lead the set of specifications to partners, suppliers and the technical feedbacks.
  • Able to lead the packaging and deployment of audio components (peripherals)
  • Able to manage the design of systems/subsystems (architecture, features) to implement the required functionalities with respect to constraints/degrees of freedom in order to guarantee performances, quality, time and cost targets.
  • Able to manage co-design suppliers during all phases of the programs.
  • Support the Design Responsible, System Responsible and Unit Responsible in the Audio projects
  • Develop & release key performance Indicator (KPI) specifications and competitive KPI benchmarking
  • Contribute to define best in class and cutting edge technical solutions consistently with Project targets (timing, costs, standards, perimeters) and technological processes (manufacturing norms such EOL, diagnostics, logistic norms)
  • Within Engineering team responsible of parameters, calibrations, performance targets


  • Good knowledge of the English language
  • Knowledge of acoustics in confined environment (cabin)
  • Working knowledge of Audio systems and components
    • Hardware : chipset, DAC, mosfet, IC solutions, drivers, magnets, microphones
    • Software: audio codecs, video codecs, voice recognition, noise management, cancellation, equalization, enhancement
    • interfaces / protocols : CAN, LIN, Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth
  • Knowledge of technologies and solutions (HW, SW) in use today in Consumer electronics.
  • Knowledge of with Automotive systems: operating systems, I/O protocols, flashing, diagnostic procedures, software release and versioning.
  • Basic Knowledge of Electrical Instruments & Tools (CAE)
  • Electric and electronic- related product/vehicle development experience involving the infotainment and telematics area are a plus
  • Electronic or Informatics Engineering Master Degree
  • 2+ years of relevant work experience
  • Availability to travel to within Italy (R&D centers, plants)
Business units
R&D - Vehicle
Modena - Italia
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